16 Nov 2012

Pearl Island

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Musim ape eh sekarang ni? Musim bunga? Musim sejuk? lol.. Musim cuti sekolah lah tapi not for SPM candidates, still ade few papers right? hahaha..

Mohon sepak muka dia ni.. lol.. Okay, relax lah. Gurau je pun.

Tahun ni Wawa nak share pasal destinasi percutian yang bole dikatakan best lah.. hehehe.. Kat mana? Ha..  scroll down lah kalau nak tahu kat mana..

Ha, dah dapat jawapannya? Yup, PULAU PINANG! So, here Wawa nak share few places for you to stay? eat? (important one kan..lol) and visit?

Kat mana nak stay?? haih..--' kat hotel lah takkan bawah jambatan penang yang panjang gila tu pulak.. k tak lawak.. ye.. jom proceed..

Best for the hip crowd: Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock brand needs no introduction. It will appeal to the rocker in you and hotel’s Hard Rock CafĂ© offer live entertainment that are among the best on the island. Throw in the beachfront location on Batu Feringgi, the longest and most happening pool area in Penang that are kids-friendly as well and we have a winner on all fronts. 

Upgrade to the hotel’s King Floor for extra privileges and try the hotel’s Pizzeria restaurant for arguably the best Italian food around.

Best for family: Golden Sands Resort

A veritable tropical paradise located on Batu Feringgi beach, Golden Sands Resort is one the best 4-star hotels in the country with extensive range of recreational facilities that include a water sports centre, three tennis courts, a Par 3 Executive Golf Course, two swimming pools and Adventure Zone, a Family Entertainment Centre as well as exciting daily organised activities. The resort’s Deluxe Seafacing rooms with a pull-down Murphy bed that accommodates a third person in the room and can be retracted for more room space during the day.

Okay, cukup lah dua hotel je tapi ni top hotels in Penang. List kat bawah ni another few hotels yang ade kat Penang.

  • G Hotel Penang
  • Naza Talyya Seaview Beach Hotel
  • Hotel Royal Penang
  • Cititel Penang
  • Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

So, settle pasal place for you to stay. Now, kita tengok makanan yang popular kat Penang pulak.

first and foremost, for sure lah the scrumptious Nasi Kandar

--> Rice served with an unending list of curries and dishes meticulously prepared with fish, chicken, squid,prawns and beef – a hearty meal for those who love aromatic spices!

next is Laksa Penang. 

--> here are two variations of the Laksa – one is sour and tangy while the other is
 cooked with rich coconut milk.

furthermore, Char Koay Teow.

--> This flat, fried white noodle dish has been described as a taste of heaven and it is certainly no exaggeration!

moreover, this yummylicious Pasembur.

--> A slightly different version of the Rojak, the Pasembur features a mix of deep
 fried items and shredded vegetables. The dressing is a peanut-based sweet sauce
 that will leave you hungering for more.

So, tu je lah beberapa makanan yang you all mesti try no matter what. hmm.. Tengok gambar pun dah meleleh air liur kan. lol.. :p

Now it's time to take a look on places you must visit!

National Park (Muka Head)
Penang Hill
Batu Ferringhi Beach

Butterfly Farm

Okay, hopefully you all puas hati. Penat tahu. Dengan tak ade idea nak tulis pasal ape. And entry ni last minute gila. Nak dekat maghrib baru siap. Hehehe.. Another info, journey from Kuantan to Penang ni kalau tak salah ambik masa dalam 10 jam. You all boleh travel by flight (K, Wawa tahu you orang kaya), bas or kereta(dgn family) and emm motor pun boleh. :p

So, Happy Holiday everyone!

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