10 Jan 2013

Dear, Ibu

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Hello guys and yes as usual Assalamualaikum. What the date is today? Tell me, hurry! Okay, as uolls know, hari ni 11th January. What is so special about 11th January? Hmm, instead of birthday Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, today is my mother's birthday. Yes, she was born on 11th of January 1971. So, *tekan kalkulator* she is 42 years old. Wawa orang pertama yang wish. Hooray!! Can you imagine how excited I am? LOL. And seriously, I wanna make today as a memorable day for her. I don't wanna make her feels upset or anything relate. I really hope she is fine, happy, and the most important thing in good health. Actually, Wawa takde idea nak tulis apa but the point of I'm writing this entry is to let the world know about today, about my mother's birthday. I want her to realize something which is me as her one and only daughter will never ever forgotten the precious date in the 366/365 pages every year. 

my parents during aidil fitri last year

And here is a birthday song. 

Here is a song which I would like to dedicate to you dear ibu. I love this song so much and I hope you will enjoy listening to it too.

Last but not least, your favorite song. I know you'll love it since you keep asking me to click on the play button on the youtube whenever you saw the words LAMUNAN TERHENTI by ARIS ARIWATAN. 

P/s: I can't even pay your kindness with a mountain of pearls, golds and diamonds. Thanks for taking care of me ever since i was a baby.

3 Jan 2013

Honeymoon vs Honeystar

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Ouh hyeeee uolls. Eh, lupa. Assalamualaikum. So, macam mana sekolah? Okay? For those yang dah tak sekolah, how's life? Wawa hope semuanya okay.

Regarding to the title above, what do you assume? Hahaha! Actually, masa first day sekolah lagi, almost all the teachers bising cakap

You're now in form 5. No more honeymoon. 

Okay, normally the word 'honeymoon' diguna pakai for newly wed couple kan. Haa, but the actual meaning here is something relate to enjoy, bersenang-lenang or anything else yang sewaktu dengannya.  Tapi yang kelakarnya, dalam sibuk weolls discuss pasal SPM, honeymoon all that, entah macam mana boleh terkeluar word honeystar. LOL. 

makan time breakfast. sedap what.

Now, Wawa nak story pasal sekolah. Few things that happened at school in this couple days. Hmm, masa hari Rabu tu, Wawa datang as a senior. Yes since I am in form 5 this year. Datang je pagi tu, terus dengar announcement pasal assembly. The thing that I hate the most is me, myself kena pergi handle radio pagi tu. For your information, I'm a prefect. Seriously nak marah since I already told the headboy about the task. I asked him to tell the other prefects but i don't know what happened on that day. Okay, we can't simply put a blame on him right. Maybe, there's any other mistakes. Yes! But yang Wawa cannot go bila radio macam bangang sikit pagi tu, yelah dah berapa bulan tak guna kan. And you know manusia, always point to the one who handled it without thinking about the actual reason why the radio suddenly didn't go on well that morning. Once the radio macam buat hal tu, semua cikgu pandang Wawa like that was my fault. Unfair! Seriously.

Okay, forget about hal radio tu, now, I wanna tell you about my class. The good news is Wawa tak turun mana mana kelas. Yeay, dah cipta rekod. From form 1 till form 5, kelas Active which is the first class in every form. So, several students from Bestari masuk kelas Active. Dapat kawan baru. :) 

Selasa, semua patah bahu. Why? Sebab weolls nak pulang buku text, berat gila. Just imagine 17 text books. Ada yang letak dalam beg, ada yang pegang. Maybe tak larat kut nak letak dalam beg, mahu patah bahu. And weolls started study. Tak sampai seminggu lagi sekolah dah ada homework. Tapi good for us lah sebab weolls pun gonna sit for a vital exam this year which is SPM. Cikgu pun semuanya baik, best and awesome. *Suka tengok ustazah Siti Zaharah, comel sangattttttttt*

Today, hari Jumaat, tadi kat sekolah, dapat buku teks for form 5. Okay, berat gila. Serious. Haih --' And I attracted to the English novel : The Curse. The story is kind a interesting. When you read through, you could notice story tu macam ada bersangkut-paut dengan legend sikit tapi not 100% sama. A bit je lah.

cover depan novel tu. okay, I'm a hemophobia.

P/s: New rule in the house : NO INTERNET DURING WEEKDAYS! :(