16 Feb 2016

planning for better

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Hye! Assalamualaikum everyone. 

Seems like dah lama wawa tak semakkan news feed you guys dengan my new entry kan. Okay rindu cakap rindu. Eh!

Anyway, if you could notice we're now in 2016. 

SS: Well everyone did except you. 

Oh is it? hahaha, no lah, wawa did notice that we're now entering the new year and yes I am one year older which is 20. So, i need to create a better future and planning for better. So, since now I think one of my plan macam dah failed. Takpe, we proceed with other plans. 

Oh yes guys, I am in new semester currently. Hahaha, so guess what dear, schedule wawa sangat penuh, so every time kalau rasa nak spend time dengan wawa please make an appointment first. So that i can write somewhere in my planner. Haha, mengada gilaaaa kan. No well actually not really lah tapi nak jadikan kerja semua sistematik and tak clash.

Last semester was damn hectic sebab yelah baru nak adaptkan diri kan. Maybe new sem will be better since dah ada sikit experience. Hehe. Pointer last sem pun alhamdulillah. Ada few subjects yang macam tak puas hati juga, rasa macam i can do better tapi takpelah takde rezeki. Yang sedia ada ni pun dah okay sangat dah. I am so grateful. So, untuk next test or exam i should work harder lah. 

Kalau nak lebih cantik maybe kena compare apa yang kita buat time last sem which should be repeated. and of course ada few things yg shouldnt be. Therefore, we can improve mana yg lack tu. Thats my idea lah. 

Besides, though you're too busy focusing on your study but please never forget any other activities. Macam wawa, I join few clubs which are K.Inovasi, Debate(De'Pikir) and Petera. So, I guess ni semua are another mediums for me to learn. Not only dalam kelas. In fact, dalam kelas tak ajar you soft skill. Contoh, I learn how to make proposal and paperwork in K.Inovasi. Next is I learn about global economic and politics in debate and also how to deal with human. These things are crucial because you know right i am a mechanical student who deals with machine. So, when I involve in these sort of programs, secara tak langsung can help me a lot maybe untuk presentation fyp ke viva ke. Eh, tapi macam lambat lagi tu. I graduate tahun 2018. :) Takpelah sediakan payung sebelum hujan gitteww. Be well prepared kata orang putih. 

So, Okay guys, thats a simple thing yang wawa nak share and I hope together we can change for better. 

Dah 20 years old. 

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