6 Dec 2015

Speak up man!

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Hye guys, of course the points of writing are to share my feelings and thoughts. 

1st: Sedih
2nd: Frust
3rd: Benci
4th: Malas
5th: Jealous

You can conclude. Anything you wish to. Maybe you nak cakap, Najwa ni gedik, mengada, sibuk je nak update itu ini. Najwa ni semak lah, sibuk je nak update status. Najwa ni poyo gilaa. Najwa itu, Najwa ini. What else? Yes, you may. 

Anything you would like to because I never give a damn. Oh, anyway. Please as I already stated in my previous entry. If you dislike me, if you hate me then do not treat me as I am your best friend. If you got unsatisfied things to deal with me then speak up man, I dont mind. Thats better than you keep and start to create rumours about me. I penat okay nak hadap assignments, projects and all sorts of thing, lepas tu you nak main main macam ni. Dah besar kot. We enjoyed our matrics life together kot, takkan nak end macam ni. Please! Dah janji nak jadi kawan sampai mati, dah janji nanti kalau nak kahwin kena jemput. Dah janji we're friends till the end. So, kenapa? why? (Please answer me!)

Kenapa semua orang layan I macam I takde hati, takde perasaan. Why? Am I a doll, puppet? Am I?? Okay, semua orang layan I macam I ni tak wujud kat dunia ni kan. Okay, but do not question me why. I'll do as you wish but never ask me why. NEVER! 

Even I am a pure mechy girl. But I am still a girl. So, do not treat me like we share the same gender, Yes, I went to statics class, I went to fabrication lab and all but still I am a girl. I still wear heels, I still put on makeup, I still wear skirts and dresses. But i left my routine by wearing shoes and flats, by put on only baby johnson's powder, by wearing jeans, shirts and blouses sometimes because I realised that I am a mechy girl. Why should I dress up like i am going to shopping mall. But the most important thing is I still cover my head and hair. Still own a fragile heart, Still the old Najwa. I cried a lot but I tell no one. 

Despite the busyness I am facing, I still make some time for you. So, why dont you try to do the same. 

Or this sounds too much? Okay, just ignore my existence and I'll do the same. Dont worry. In fact, all this while, I am not the one who started everything, I guess. 

You live the life you long for and I'll do the same

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