15 Sep 2015

Suffer! Help me!

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Assalamualaikum gais. Eh, apa khabar semua? Hyeeeee, Guess what? I am in Johor sekarang ni. Okay, can we just stop talking about haze. Yeah i know the condition of the air currently but ala ni nak story pasal me lah. 

Okay, chuolls taknak tahu ke why i'm in Johor? I dapat further studies here in UTM. UTM stands for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. OMG! Do you know how happy I am? How proud I am? Haih. of course lah babe. My first choice kot. At least dapat cover half of the frustration i felt during the UPU's intake for SPM level last year. Hmm. 

But gais, 2 or maybe 3 weeks as a mahasiswi, I encounter lots of difficulties. A lot!! Inded! How stressful i am gais? If only you could feel me. Huh. With the transportation problems, i was late for my statics class. Fortunately, my very charming lecturer didnt scold us. Ouh, if he read this, i guess he'll add on extra marks for my assignments just because i describe him as charmingggg. :P 

Nahh, i am joking. Hahaha. Okay, I am the only one who laugh here. But who cares. So, nothing much to talk about my life here in the university since i havent explore the whole UTM yet. This campus is big enough. Even one day is not enough for me to wander around. Plus, I walked a lot and will keep walking after this. Since, i need to go to many places. Classes are everywhere. But, here we got elevator. :P anyway, i lost many kilos jugak okay, Sebab banyak sangat berjalan lah tu. :p

Moreover, i got a very understanding roommate so far, updated, open minded and so on. And i am grateful enough sebab dia pun mechy jugak. Yeay, I suffered my matrics life sebab roommate semua account stream. I am the one and only yang ambik science. Nevertheless, now I am here as the student of UTM and soon to be an engineer. Whoa, susah bhaiii course I ni, I rasa nak nangis. Hari hari I balik bilik and cried. T_T I still cannot adapt with the surrounding, living style and everything lah. InshaAllah will try to overcome everything. 

Nanti next entry I story lagi banyak banyak pasal my life in UTM okay gais. Sebab ni pun I curi masa gilaaaa nak update ni. And if you thought of contacting me through twitter, I am sorry sangat gais sebab i already uninstalled my twitter on my phone. Addictive sangatlah social network tu. Thats why lah. However, you still can whatsapp me, wechat, or facebook messenger (noob gila still dengan fb kan. k wtv). I am still using those. 

Last but not least, I hope sangat chuols can pray for me. May I live in barakah, may Allah ease my way and may victory be mine. Thank you in advance gaisss.. 

Hye, meet my friend Sue.

First day sampai fakulti dia punya semangat dia perghhh.

Eyebag ya Allah. Biasalah lack of sleep

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