2 Jun 2013

Pure Science Students

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Assalamulaikum uolss. Cuti 2 minggu ni Wawa bebas. No, still kena jajah actually sebab SPM tak habis lagi tapi bebas here stands for mid term dah habis. Yeay! Tahap ke'tension'an sudah semakin menurun nampaknya. Alhamdulillah. 

But here right now, I wanna explain something yang i think uolls kat luar sana tu should understand. Before that, do you see all the greenish words? Those words which start from letter B, C, P and A? Bagus. Tu semua subject killer. Get it? Sangat sangat susah. Lagi-lagi Bio and Add Math. 

So, disebabkan semua tu subject killer, cuti 2 minggu ni, langsung tak macam cuti. Sebab? Yelah, busy revising. Hmm, tapi Wawa banyak focus pada Biology and Add Math. Bukan sebab Chem and Physic senang. Definitely not! Those are also hard tapi Alhamdulillah, so far, I still can cope with both subjects. Yang agak merisaukan just the other 2 which are Biology and Add Math like I said before. 

Hmm, tapi sekarang ni Wawa selalu dengar student from other stream asyik cakap, 'budak sains tulen takpe. Diorang terror.' Excuse me my dear, Actually weolls tak terror pun (Wawa lah, the others tu Wawa tak sure). In fact, weolls lagi sengsara dari uolls tahu tak. Just imagine 3 subject science tu dengan 3 papers for each subject. Tu tak campur dengan Peka all that. Susah okay. Jangankan nak dapat A, B pun sakit. 

And apa yang Wawa selalu dengar, science stream students selalu di'category'kan as budak yang perasan pandai, berlagak while actually they are not. Oh, please okay, mind your words. We're not like what you thought. Uolls tak rasa tensionnya stay in science class. Dengan pressure from teachers and parents. 

However, despite all that, weolls determine to strive for the best in our SPM. And as usual, students yang dapat straight A+ biasanya memang students pure science. I didn't say there's no student who achieves straight A+ from other streams. No! Just, normally, those who obtain straight A+ were from pure science stream. No doubt.

Whatever it is, stop comparing which stream in the toughest. That's so immature. Just live your life. Even if you are in other stream. Just, do your best and challenge us. Create a record. Same goes to science stream. Even susah tapi we have to.  Ignore all those bad words, criticism and anything else that can bring us down.

P/s: Batch 96 will always be the best batch ever. Go for it! We own it!